Numberz Acquires 2 Distinctions from Business Software Directory

 |  Apr 25, 2018

Are you having cash flow inefficiencies due to poor collection processes? In this case, according to popular review platform FinancesOnline, our Accounts Receivable management and process automation software is the right tool for you. Numberz was recently commended by their experts for our capability to accelerate payment collection processes, so much so that we received two industry awards: Great User Experience and Rising Star for 2018.

For being an exceptionally made accounting software for small business with functionalities that allow for effortless fast-tracking of client payments and efficient team collaboration, Numberz garnered the Great User Experience award. Functionalities that allow businesses to easily enhance their processes include automatic client reminders and follow-ups for due fees via email and SMS, holistic reconciliation functionality, easy client incentive monitoring through a dashboard with administrative capabilities, and much more.

With Numberz, according to FinancesOnline, businesses also get access to top accounting software app that brings “quick and easy credit line,” descriptive and predictive AR insights, and highly visual reporting that illustrates data such as popular clientele and factors that affect collections, among others.

Truly, Numberz can transform and reimagine the way you handle your collections. But don’t take our word for it. FinancesOnline’s Customer Satisfaction Algorithm, which gathered the comments and opinions across social media channels and other website pages across the internet, derived a high 96 percent user satisfaction rating for us. This has also lead us to receive FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award for 2018, a distinction that shows Numberz has generated positive traction with our clientele and is perceived as a reliable tool for maximizing their cash flows.



Getting paid was endless and many a times embarrassing series of follow-ups. With numberz it begins with a click and ends with a click! Sraboni Harlalka Partner at Wodehouse Capital

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