Whitemelon Productions – The First Success Story On nu,mb,erz

 |  Sep 29, 2016

WhiteMelon Productions is an award winning agency that offers creative and marketing services. They are passionate and enjoy creating affordable high definition broadcast quality video content to captivate the audience for their clients. They create television concepts, online marketing webisodes, ads, high-level corporate productions and customised internal video blogs (Vlogs) to engage the teams.

Let’s hear from Gajendra about his business

Regular work concerns

  • Complexity: The old system crashed, wasn’t efficient and simple enough to use
  • Manual reporting: The numbers from the accounts would take days to pull and match, with no visibility into overhead and top-line costs.
  • Lack of customization: There were no integrations with existing tools and no reporting across different parts of the business.
  • No access while traveling : Gajendra travels a lot and so, not access his financial data regularly.

Strayed projects – lack of working capital

Loans and Business sustenance : Whitemelon gets a lot of projects but due to lack of investment, they can not accept all of them. Most of their clients do not pay upfront and that’s why they often find themselves facing a cash crunch. While they did apply for a loan, it hard to actually get it.

Also running a business on an old system is not worthwhile when all of your clients are looking for easy options and a better experience.

Adopting the platform

Gajendra was nervous about switching. “A lot of people don’t really like change because they’ve run the same system for 15 to 20 years. But we know when something is broken, we need to fix it.”

Gajendra imported all of his previous invoices and expenses just by the click of a button.

It was really quick and easy. And we trained our people to use nu,mb,erz in less than 30 minutes.

After they switched to nu,mb,erz

  • Credit and business expansion: Gajendra could take up more projects because with a single click, he got a credit line and could apply for loans. Now he is thinking of covering 50% of the project cost by himself and will use the loan for remaining 50%
  • Happy Clients : Now the invoices directly can be sent to clients via email and they can pay online, sometimes when they do not have money to pay, they can get loan from nu,mb,erz.
  • Reliable technology : WhiteMelon switched to numberz for reliability, but along the way it also got intuitive business tools, fast setup which lets WhiteMelon take payments even more easily
  • Reporting is quicker : The team can see gross sales, how much people are spending, amounts to be received. Gajendra checks the Bank reconciliation option quite regularly to see his deposits are matching with his received amounts that too even when he’s not in the office. The team is also using numberz Dashboard to make smarter decisions based on projected sales and their expenses. Crucially, Gajendra uses this data to know when it’s time to expand.

numberz features used

  • Online Payments
  • Invoice management
  • Expense Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash flow Reporting



Getting paid was endless and many a times embarrassing series of follow-ups. With numberz it begins with a click and ends with a click! Sraboni Harlalka Partner at Wodehouse Capital

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