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The invoices that a business generates that are unpaid or are in the process of getting paid constitute Accounts Receivable or AR. companies spend considerable time in ensuring that they get paid on these invoices in time and with least effort.

Getting the clients to pay for the invoices is done via the entire AR cycle. From Order or Invoice to Cash. The accounts receivable process includes setting up procedures and workflows for evaluating debtors, providing credit, generating invoices, maintaining records of payments due and payments received, and maintaining the requisite books after reconciliation.

An Accounts Receivable Software or a Collections Software is a solution to automate and simplify the AR workflows of an organisation.

It aims at improving the productivity of the collection teams - whether centralised or de-centralised, provides better Visibilityof AR to the management as well as the collections teams and helps create strategies for managing the collections. It might also help in better communicating with the internal teams and well as the clients.

With all these, it helps lowering the DSOs and mitigate the client default risk. Essentially the overall process is more streamlined, organised, efficient and effective

numberz is a cloud based, insights driven, B2B Accounts Receivable and Collections Automation platform. With customers across industries, it helps enterprises reimagine the way they manage their receivables - the people, the process, the works! Helping businesses get paid faster, get paid better!

  • Visualisation engine: Dashboard and Reports
    Provides quick and easy access to CXO Dashboards related to sales Vs collection, Collection Due vs actual, Top reasons for Payment Delay and may more. To help CFOs, Finance leaders and other key managers get an overview of AR. Availability of Rreports like Ageing Report, Collection review Report, Client engagement reports, Case reports, Cash Project report and AR master reports that provide deepdetails and insights to the collectors and the management aloke.

  • Automated / Manual Reminder engine
    Dunning on steroids. Manual reminders help send dunning reminders to customers, where users have flexibility to send mails/SMS anytime with all relevant details on the fly.

    Auto reminders engine to configure reminders with multiple rules around outstandings, specific locations, BUs, Collectors and other key behavioral attributes, as per the need or the risk. Ideal to cater to the riskies long tail of the customer base.

  • AR CRM
    Helps the various stakeholders co-ordinate better towards collection goals. This captures and analyses key attributes like summaries at customer level, notes with collection status, managing issues at various levels, setting up reminders for planning the collectors work queue and many many more.

  • Client Portal
    A communication and operational tool for the clients to see and manage their outstanding payables - at the click of a button. Provides the clients with key information with regards Overdues, Outstanding, Payment status etc - including information that can be securely downloaded. Not just that. Your customers can also take action on your invoices by Acknowledging, Raising Dispute, Giving P2P and even Making Online payment. Not just that features like communication and execution of trade/incentive schemes, loyalty programs and availing financing is also in the works.

  • Dispute Management
    Numberz helps in managing this key reason of delayed payment. Operationally its smart workflows allow raising the dispute in 2 easy ways. First - directly raise Dispute from Client portal. Second - by your clients replying to you on your collections reminder mail. Even your team can raise disputes on behalf of customers. Helps the team to collaborate with the right internal team to resolve dispute. Each dispute can be tracked under t and it is also available as a report for visibility. The summary helps the managers and the management in taking appropriate actions.

  • Integrations
    Numberz complements the ERPs and the existing solutions. Hence it seamlessly integrates with these - via APIs or via the FTP route. From niche solutions like Chargebee, Quickbooks or Tally to large enterprise ERPs like SAP and Oracle, numberz ensures that the business information for AR decision making is available all the time.

  • Financial Service (PG, Credit etc)
    Managing AR end-to-end also involves ensuring that many of the third party financial services are also available to the users. Whether they are PAyment Gateway for internal remittances or the option to provide your customers incentives to pay early via trade schemes - numberz has many such FS partnerships available on the same platform.

Many of the numberz enterprise customers have reported the following benefits within 2 quarters of going live with numberz :

  • Increase in the visibility of the e2e receivables and the AR risk positions. Especially for the management teams.
  • 15%-20% Average reduction in DSOs in 2 Qtrs of adoption.
  • 10%-25% Reduction in Past Due Receivables
  • 30%-40% Increase in Team Productivity (Fin/Sales) in 1 Qtrs of adoption
  • Substantial reduction in managing disputes related to collections

Businesses (B2B) that have large customer base with high invoice volumes

Manufacturing Firms : Electrical & Electronics, Industrial goods, Chemicals, Auto Components and many more
Service Providers : SaaS, Logistics, Leasing, IT/ITES, Hospitality Manpower Services and many more
Distribution Value Chain : Large Dealers and Distributors of CPG, F&B, Apparel etc, After-Market chains and auto ancilaries and many more
Collections Outsourcing Agencies : AR Outsourcing for soft or hard collections, with centralised operations

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